Your Publishers

Using M3 enables you to manage your network effectively and allows your Publishers to take advantage of a host of features to make implementing ads from your platform simple and rewarding.

Managing your Publishers

Your Supervisor Login to the M3 interface provides you with rights to create and edit Publisher records, adjust settings and apply rev share. This gives you full control over your Publisher Network.

M3 allows you to run more than one network of Publishers eg a banner network and a text ad network.

The reporting interface allows you to set up regular activity reports by Publisher which can be automatically emailed to you to provide an overview of the performance of your network.

Although most Publishers are paid on a rev share basis, M3 supports other Publisher remuneration methods including tenancy and fixed price per click or per impression.

Other features allow you to:

  • Create new logins for Publishers
  • Run detailed ad-hoc reports for the network or specific Publishers
  • Amend remuneration for Publishers

Simple M3 feed integration for Publishers

The M3 interface gives your Publishers access to the branded Implementation Guide and to the code generator which enables them to easily create code which they can copy and paste into their web page to call ads from your platform.

The Implementation Guide shows how Publishers can call ads using XML, JSON, Javascript or XHTML setting out the parameters which the Publisher needs to provide to get the ads that exactly match their requirements. Depending upon how you have configured your platform, Publishers can request ads based on a range of criteria including keyword, category, ad type, ad format and ad size.

Online interface for Publishers to self-manage their account

You can allow your Publishers to have access to the M3 online interface. Publishers can then:

  • download code to be implemented on their web pages to call ads from your platform
  • access the Implementation Guide
  • create new sites (separate parts of the Publisher's website)
  • run performance reports on their own activity (split by site if required)

If you are a Media Network or Publisher and are looking for your own management and serving platform...