Your Feeds

Third party advertising feeds can be used to backfill your own advertisers on the M3 platform. Whether you use a single third party feed, or if third party feeds provide the majority, or all, of your advertisers, M3 can match your requirements.

Managing your Feeds

Feeds can be CPM or CPC based and if you manage multiple networks on the M3 platform, you can apply feeds across all networks or specified networks.

Your M3 Supervisor Login allows you to monitor and manage feeds from third party feed providers. You can run performance reports as well as apply limits and restrictions.

A Feed (or Provider in M3 parlance) is regarded as a special type of advertiser, and as such benefits from the following:

  • Ability to set up multiple campaigns each with their own targeting (sector, day parting, browsers etc.)
  • Use source inclusion/exclusion to fine tune feed exposure
  • Geo target per feed
  • Budgeting with daily or monthly caps
  • Dashboard for an instant view of performance over time, down to hourly granularity
  • Full reporting suite

Feeds currently supported include AdMarketPlace, AdKnowledge, AdMeld, Excite and Affinity. Although the M3 platform supports these feeds, you will of course have to negotiate with each Provider to approve your organisation's adoption of their feed.

If you are a Media Network or Publisher and are looking for your own management and serving platform...