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The M3 Ad Server provides an extremely comprehensive and flexible range of features, designed to make almost any of your requirements possible. If you have a requirement for a feature that you cannot see on the list below, please contact us for a consultation.

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Stability The M3 Ad Server has been operating since 2001. It is highly configurable with a rich, ever growing feature set and time-tested track record
Fully Hosted M3 is a fully hosted and managed solution
Experienced Team Most of the M3 team have been working on the project since it launched in 2001. We have acquired a collective expertise of over 70 man years during that time
Easy Set Up Once we have discussed your requirements, your platform will be set up, branded and configured quickly on your behalf
White Label Ready The M3 interface can be incorporated into your domain to look as if your company own and operate the Ad Server. We can also include all site content, such as Advertiser / Publisher terms and conditions, privacy policies, contact pages and anything else you may require
Flexibility Our technology is extremely flexible, allowing us to implement the right solution for your business
Dedicated Support Once set up, you are assigned a dedicated account manager who will help you to establish your platform answer your queries and help your platform to become successful
Feature Rich As a result of feedback, market changes and client requirements, the M3 platform is continuously evolving to incorporate the latest ad serving features
Free Automatic Upgrades When new platform features or upgrades become available, you can immediately start using them free of charge
Bespoke Work On request We welcome change requests. Should you ever need bespoke features, we will listen to your requirements and prepare a Change Request Quotation. If your changes benefit the M3 platform as a whole, they will be implemented at no cost to you
Highly Scalable From single Publishers to large Ad Networks, the M3 platform can meet high traffic volume demands. We currently handle over 7 billion requests per month
UK Based Based in the UK, with infrastructure in London's Global Switch, our team are English speaking and able to work with customers in any time zones
Interface Translation On request We currently support most major western languages. Other languages can be made available, following consultation
3rd Party Feed Integration On request Third party advertising feeds can be used to backfill your own Advertisers. The Platform is compatible with most 3rd party feed Providers and we can integrate any new ones upon request
Account Management Services On request If required, we can undertake account management activities on your behalf; acting as your employees
Multi Networks Define different Networks within your platform; e.g. A CPC, CPM and a CPA network. It is also possible to assign different Publishers to different Networks to manage traffic sources
Multi Time Zones Whilst your platform will have a default time zone, your Advertisers can operate freely in multiple time zones
Multi Currencies M3 supports all major Western currencies as well as Indian Rupee. Other currencies can be made available, following consultation
Customisable Dashboard Reports, graphs and other data in the dashboard can be configured to meet your requirements
Today's Stats Available All reporting data is available up to the last hour
Pre-Defined Templates Report templates can be used to give users access to pre-defined sets of data. This, in turn, gives users quick access to such data and allows you to control what information users are able to see
Automated Emails The M3 platform can provide scheduled email reporting for all user types
Advanced Reporting Advanced reporting fields are available and include: Queries, Impressions, Clicks, Spend, Fill Rate, ECPMi, CTR, Ad Position and Conversion Rate. Please contact us for a complete list of our extensive reporting
Comparative Reports Compare data between defined time ranges
Hourly Granularity For limited time ranges, all hourly data since your platform launch will be available in the reporting suite
Click Level Reporting Our reporting suite allows you to report down to Click level for your chosen date range. You can see the IP, Timestamp, Referrer and User Agent, per click
General Pricing can be entered at Bid, Ad Group or Campaign level
... Bidding is possible to three decimal places
... Min and Max CPC and CPM bids can be set for your platform, and additionally for Channels, if these are used
... All media formats (text, image, video) can be chargeable per Click / Impression
CPC Cost Per Click - This is where the Advertiser is charged every time their ad is clicked
CPM Cost Per Thousand Impressions - Advertisers bid how much they are prepared to pay for one thousand Impressions and are charged every time their advert is displayed
CPA Cost Per Action - The Advertiser pays for a specified action or event on their site - for example, a page impression, click, form submit etc. CPA Events can be the main charging method for a Campaign, or they can
... CPA can also be enabled as a tracking tool, used to measure pre-defined objectives
Keyword Advertisers submit keywords to their Campaigns. Keyword targeting is typically used in Networks where users perform searches
Keyword Lists Lists of keywords can be uploaded to users' accounts, where they can perform various functions. These include: 'Containing Bids Use Negatives', 'Disallow Matching Bids', 'Disallow Containing Bids', 'Make Matching Bids Exact', 'Make Containing Bids Exact', 'Matching Bids Use Negatives', 'Disallow Searches Matching', 'Disallow Searches Containing'
... Phrase list management is available per System. You can add lists of phrases and set them as White or Black Lists at System, Advertiser or Publisher level. M3 also provides the ability to set custom links, to allow
Channel Set minimum and maximum CPM / CPC prices for individual Channels
Channel Groups It is possible to aggregate your Channels into Channel Groups, in order to make it simpler to manage a large number of Channels
Run of Networks Run of Network targeting is used in Networks as a means of filling remnant inventory. Run of network ads can be shown after all other ads or only where there are no results
Retargeting Retargeting allows Advertisers to directly target individual users (on an anonymous basis)
Behavioural Behavioural advertising makes is possible for Advertisers to directly target groups of users who share common interests.This is achieved using collected cookie data, if permitted, or via M3's Fingerprint profiling system
URL Mapping On request Keywords or Channels can be mapped to specific web pages, a collection of web pages or an entire website. When a web page is then accessed, adverts related to the Keyword or Channel mapped to it are displayed
In-Text On request In-Text Advertising is a form of Contextual Advertising, where specific words within the text of a web page are matched with relevant ads
Bid Ranking Assign a priority to campaigns to force them to show more or less often - regardless of ad selection. This can be used to do things like assign lower priority status to run of network adverts; making them appear only after more valuable adverts have had the opportunity to show
First Price Auction Advertisers bid a price that they will pay for every click. Adverts are ranked according to who is prepared to pay the most for a click
Second Price Auction Advertisers enter a maximum click price but only pay a penny / cent more than the next lowest competing bid
With the additional options to include:
CTR% Ranking In addition to bid price, ads are selected based on how well they are performing; ads that yield a higher number of clicks are given greater priority
Shuffle% Adverts with lower rankings are occassionaly shuffled around to appear higher in results. This is to give lower ranked ads an opportunity to perform better through increased exposure. Platform owners have full control over shuffle frequency
Cross Platform Delivery Ads can be served across Web, Mobile and In-App mediums
Text Ads Variable min and max character thresholds for text ad title, summaries and click through URLs
... Logo media optional - assign a logo of customisable size to your text ads
Native Ads Large image with relevant text to match your site content
Image Ads Commonly called Banner or Display. All IAB sizes available by default. Variable, custom sizes also supported. File types JPEG, GIF and PNG
Rich Media Supported with your library via 3rd Party Tag or JavaScript: Interstitial, Wallpaper, Expandable, Floating, Pop Up/Under
Video VAST and 3rd party tag compliant
Mobile and App Advertising Enables app developers to monetise and promote their mobile and tablet apps with ads
System Users Platform owners have administrative access to the system. Multiple system level logins can be created and various permissions applied to control access
Direct Users Create variable logins for your Advertisers, Agencies, Publishers and Consortia. Access can be controlled using assorted permissions
Complete Control As Super User, you have highest user rights and can add/edit Advertisers, Publishers, agencies and have access to create new users to The Platform
Advanced Reporting A comprehensive reporting tool enables you to produce, save and schedule reports with full data transparency
Budget Management Control the credit advertiser accounts have available and control the revenue shares publishers gain
Publisher Activity Capping Ability to Cap activity Limits on a daily Basis at Publisher Level
Publisher Remuneration Control Choose how to pay your publisher. Choice of advertiser spend %, monthly flat rate, fixed click rates, fixed Impression
Fraud Detection Options On request M3 has automatic fraud detection mechanisms which you can manipulate upon request, to alter the level of traffic blocked
Advertiser Reviewing Select to authorise or reject account, campaign, ad group and copy activity before it goes live
Agency Management Create agencies and allow them to manager their own advertising accounts within one interface
Unsold Inventory Tool This tool lets users view the most popular ad requests, by Publisher, and then target areas where there are only limited numbers of Advertisers. A lack of demand tends to make unsold inventory cheap and, thus, desirable
Fast Global Search Quickly search through all your advertisers, Publishers, Sites, Provider Feeds, Campaigns, Ad Groups and Bids to access that resource directly
Provider Management View all 3rd party Provider feeds and control their Accounts
Consortia Management Assign groups of publishers into one account for easier management
Targeting Management Configure and manage Targeting Options for your system quickly and easily. Available options include: geo, browser, device etc.
Media Type Management Create and manage your own Media Types, by Network, on your System. Should you be required to add a new Media Type, to accommodate a new banner size, for instance, this can be quickly and easily
Credit Card Processing  On request If required, collect Advertiser payments via a credit card transaction facility. All major credit cards accepted, as well as PayPal
Finance Audit Trail View recent advertiser credit card transactions and their status
Insertion Order Management Assign and manage insertion order credit in advertiser accounts
Contra revenue Set a platform administration percentage. Publishers are paid on revenue after the contra- revenue has been deducted. Set at network level
Advertiser Multi-Currency Advertisers can pay in their Account currency and are not forced to pay in the currency of The Platform
Online Sign Up and Self Service At your discretion, Advertisers can sign up online and then fund their accounts at a later stage
Dashboard Control An 'at-a-glance' view of account activity upon first login
Easy Campaign Creation A wizard easily guides an advertiser through the necessary steps of creating a campaign
Intuitive Account Structure M3 uses an intuitive account structure of: Account - Campaign - Ad Groups - Copy - Bids
Day Parting A campaign or ad group can be set to run at set variable times of day, days of week or days of month to control or pace activity. You can also set start and end timestamps
Traffic Source Selection Control the sources of traffic using an "exclusion" or "inclusion" mechanism
Budget Management Budget caps and daily spend limits can be set at account or campaign level
Frequency Capping Impression and click frequency capping limits the number of times in a given time period a user can see or click an advert. This can be set at Advertiser, Campaign. and Ad Group level
Campaign Cloning Easily copy all content of one campaign to a newly created one, saving time
Keyword Suggestion Tool Quickly find similar keyword together with an estimate of the number of impressions per day
Capacity Estimator Tool For any given keyword, estimate the likely activity and spend for a monthly period
Keyword Matching Options Broad, phrase and exact match supported. System default required but this can be changed in the ad account at campaign and keyword level
Download Account Data Download a .csv file of all account content to quickly view campaigns, ad groups, bids and copy set
Ad Media Management Coming Soon Comprehensive media management feature allows easy organisation of ad media such as banners, logos and video
Click & Impression Limits Control how many clicks or impressions an advertising campaign receives in a day or month
Geo-Targeting Restrict ads to users in pre-defined locations. Uses Maxmind database and goes down to town granularity e.g. Chicago, USA
Browser Restrict by user browser - Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE
Browser Language Restrict ads to appear only to users with a pre-defined browser language
Time Range Restrict ads to appear between certain times of day, on specific days of the week or days of the month
Operating System (OS) Restrict ads to appear only to users of certain web operating systems e.g. windows, Linux, chrome and mobile operators android, blackberry, palm, windows phone and Symbian
Device e.g. Apple (iPhone, iPad) Asus, Blackberry, HTC , LG, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson etc.
Device Brand e.g. Apple, Samsung, Nokia, RIM, HTC, Motorola
Device Language Restrict ads to appear only to users with a pre-defined device language
Mobile Operating System e.g. Android, iOS
Carrier e.g. Vodafone, Three, Orange, 02, Wi-Fi etc.
Browser e.g. Opera, Safari, Nokia, Chrome
Online Sign Up and Self Service At your discretion, Publishers can sign up online and manage their account 24/7
Site Management Quickly register all sites in a publisher network to receive advertising
Minimum Bid Control Publisher can control a minimum CPM or CPC advertiser price which they receive via their feed
Template Reporting Quick and easy reporting using pre-formatted templates
JavaScript Code Generator Easy to Use Publisher JS Code Generator
CSS Templates CSS example files provided for all major ad unit sizes and page positions
Feed Implementation Guide Available from the publisher Toolkit page. The Mirago Feed is available in seven output types, with a unified set of input parameters for all requests, thus making it possible to easily switch between outputs: JavaScript, HTML, HML Fragment, XML, JSON, JSONP, VAST
Source Preclusion A publisher can submit a web address (e.g. Nokia.com) and no ads will be served for that domain
Apple and Android SDK Downloadable SDK documentation from publisher login area. The jsAds library allows developers to embed advertising functionality directly inside their application without modifying any of the inherent functionality of their code
Traffic Targeting Coming Soon Target ads based on location, browser, device and Operating Systems
Feed Controls Coming Soon Apply a number of search, click and JS filters to your feed to ensure that adverts only show if specific conditions set are met
99.9% Uptime Mirago are committed to minimising downtime and pride ourselves in responding rapidly to technical issues. Should scheduled maintenance work be required, we will email an advanced notification
(DRS) Disaster Recovery System Mirago have a secondary server location which is automatically engaged in the event of a outage or DNS attack
Industry Leading Technical Partners The M3 platform is supported by the best in industry partners: Akamai for CDN image hosting, Max Mind Geo- targeting database, Riverbed load balancers, HP Services, Fortinet firewall CDN
Average Response Time 10 ms from the request to response measured at our Firewall. This will increase with third party feed integrations and user location
CDN Mirago uses Akamai for fast and efficient media hosting
Complete Software Control Mirago own and manage M3 core software
24/7 Technical Support Should you experience any technical issues with your platform, a 24/7 technical support telephone number is available
If you are a Media Network or Publisher and are looking for your own management and serving platform...