Your Advertisers

M3 enables you to effectively manage your Advertisers by providing a secure interface with summary data, automatically emailed reports and the ability to access particular advertiser accounts for detailed account management. M3 also allows your Advertisers to self-manage their own accounts and generate their own reports, subject to you allowing them access.

Managing your Advertisers

The M3 interface provides you with the ability to create, edit and manage the Advertisers on your Platform.

If you allow your Advertisers to self-manage their accounts you can still control their campaigns and ad copy by requiring that all adverts are reviewed prior to going live.

The M3 interface provides you with an at a glance dashboard view of the advertiser activity with the ability to drill down for detail on specific advertisers' performance.

M3 allows you to manage your credit exposure by providing PCI-DSS compliant credit card pre-payment processing for advertisers, including PayPal. Alternatively you can set a credit limit for advertisers and invoice monthly in arrears.

Online interface for Advertisers to self-manage their account

The M3 online interface allows Advertisers to:

  • Manage their accounts, campaigns, adgroups and copy sets
  • Target their ads to maximise ROI eg targeting by:
    • geolocation,
    • channel,
    • day-parting,
    • source exclusion,
    • browser type, and,
    • device type (eg mobile) etc
  • Set bid prices and manage budget limits
  • Make payments
  • Update copy and images
  • Run performance reports on their own activity
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